Thank You!

Thank you for choosing Budscout. We are excited to offer you a guaranteed spot in our manufacturing queue to receive our first production release with included installation by March 31, 2023. This limited-time offer is first come, first serve, and requires a $999 down payment to lock in your reservation. We are excited to be revolutionizing the use of data, robotics, and artificial intelligence in cultivation. The Budscout Team is looking forward to partnering and growing with you! Toby Velte CEO Verilytix, Inc.


To secure a Budscout robot requires a $999 down payment to lock in your manufacturing reservation followed by a $6 per linear foot monthly charge based on the linear feet of benches or racks in your growing facility that will house a Budscout unit. This $6 pricing will be in effect for the first six-months of use and will be referred to as the “Demonstration Period”. The Demonstration period starts after installation of the Budscout unit or units in your facility and the $6 monthly pricing offer is only available to customers that preorder and submit payment no later than December 2, 2022

Monthly Charges

Our monthly charge is based on the square feet of canopy under care by Budscout and a minimum charge per month of $6 x 100 linear feet is required to reserve a Budscout unit. Your $999 down payment will be used to initially pay your discounted monthly scanning fee of $6 per linear foot per month for six consecutive months. Upon conclusion of your 6-month pilot period, you will have the option to purchase additional scouts at standard pricing based on the number of scouts deployed in your facility.


Your paid services include the following services and benefits:

  1. Reserves your position in our manufacturing queue
  2. Grants you the right to purchase additional Budscouts at discount during your trial period
  3. Receive one Budscout robot, rail system for bench/rack, and onsite installation and service
  4. Budscout hardware and software training
  5. Account Manager for direct access to customer service
  6. The $999 down payment is used as credit to pay for the monthly linear foot charge
  7. $6 per linear foot per month pricing is available for the first six months

For initial customers we are offering a trial period of six months at a discounted monthly price of $6 per linear foot “Founder’s Pricing”, and during this demonstration period, you can obtain additional units for your facilities at a discount as part of our Founder’s Pricing Program. After six months you will have the option to purchase additional scouts at standard pricing based on the number of scouts deployed in your facility.


All deposited funds (e.g., $999) for robot manufacturing reservations will be held in escrow and can be 100% refunded up until a mutually agreed upon installation date. If any customer decides to quit during their demonstration period of six months, Verilytix will send our team out to collect the Budscout rail and robot and the customer only pays for services used during that trial period. For example, if a customer quits mid-month during the trial period, they are only liable for actual charges incurred (e.g., linear feet scanning services) used. They do not receive a full refund on their deposit as a customer is charged the portion of the deposit to pay for used services during the six-month trial period.


Please refer to Terms and Conditions for payment information policies. Verilytix accepts ACH, wire transfers, and major credit cards to reserve your unit. A payment method must be on file to initiate billing for the initial $999 deposit and to continue Budscout monthly insight services. Confirmation of deposit payment is required before a unit can be reserved. Our customer care team will contact you to receive your down payment.


At the conclusion of your demonstration process, your linear pricing will change depending on the number of scouts deployed in your facilities if you decide to continue services. Prior to the demonstration completing, you can secure additional units for your facility at lower pricing depending on volume of units requested. If you choose to discontinue service a customer care representative will send our support team to your site to retrieve all rail and Budscout robots.


A Budscout representative will reach out to you within seven days of signing this agreement to set up an initial intake meeting. During this call, our representative will gather additional information to ensure a successful installation and training of BudscoutTM for your team. During your demonstration period you can contact customer care and all service and maintenance is taken care of by Verilytix at no cost. Verilytix provides customer service for all customers and the support center can be reached by email at partnerships@budscout.ai