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Budster is an artificial intelligence companion for dispensaries that dynamically assesses the health of your business, determines the true value of your customers, and provides you with AI-generated offers and business insights to increase customer loyalty and revenue.

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How Can Budster Work for Me?

Budster is the first AI platform that enables you to unlock the potential of your customers and deliver specific AI generated offers to alter purchasing behaviors..

Budster is an AI powered platform that provides you with data science in box. More than just a loyalty program, it allows you to utilize data to characterize your customer base and set individual customer goals to increase revenue and loyalty to your brand through AI generated offers.

Budster is the first technology that enables you to dynamically segment your customers on a dispensary level using AI to discover the hidden attributes of your customer base. Utilizing these insights, Budster dynamically generates offers and changes them in real time to meet goals and tracks individual customer performance.

Budster’s AI-powered product recommendation and offer generator tools help you serve your customer better by identifying which products to recommend, who should receive those recommendations, and what products these consumers are most likely to buy. Make better product recommendations that align with customer’s and dispensary’s goals that are always in stock.

Your customers will receive tailored offers that adapt to their individual tastes and preferences, to increase loyalty. Curated from thousands of products, our AI will send three tailored offers that are gamified and updated in real time to give each customer the best possible deal suited to them, preventing churn.

Budster uses proprietary AI to assess the lifetime value of customers, to determine if growth is possible and assesses data to identify patterns of quality control that may indicate theft or fraud. Our AI can be used as part of the due diligence process to better quantity the financial risk of a dispensary operation through its customer base.

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