Boosting your cannabis growth with the power of ai

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Budscout is an autonomous 24/7 scouting companion that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to scale your cultivation knowledge, increase your product yield, and grow with confidence.

How Budscout can help you grow

Identify plant stress up to 10 days before the most skilled human growers can by using Budscout’s innovative sensors and AI algorithms to give you the most intimate view of plant stress.

Budscout can map crucial environmental metrics including CO2, leaf temperature and VPD, facilitating a consistent and reliable cultivation environment that enables you to learn how your environment changes hourly, weekly, and seasonally.

Our AI forecasting tools predict your harvest yield based on your current canopy size, density, environmental metrics and bud characteristics. Our tailored AI model understands your environment and location, allowing you to make smarter cultivation decisions to make sure you get the most out of your crop.

Our unique approach utilizes AI to develop specific models for your facilities which make them the most accurate predictors of your future. Your data is always kept private and is not shared with your competition.

Your growing environment is unique; your solution should be too. Budscout learns via its tailored AI that tunes itself to your growing environment to get the most out of your plants.

New and experienced growers can use our Scout and Scout Leader Profile Generator to customize monitoring and alarms the way you want it. Duplicate your head grower in every facility under your  care with Budscout to ensure consistent scouting and optimized response.

Learn how to optimize every grow with Historian AI™. This exclusive Budscout feature enables you to replay every grow, see every environmental metric and plant photo. By using AI, you can optimize your grow room by strain, by bench and by room to account for seasonality and environmental variance.

Budscout is your robotic cultivation companion that collaboratively works with your team to optimize your operation and protect your bottom line.

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A new view for your canopy

Our innovative sensor suite and user interface gives you the ability to characterize your canopy, identify plant stress 10 days earlier than an average grower, and optimize your benches, racks and room by strain through the power of artificial intelligence and data visualization.

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"Budscout has brought together an impressive team of research and engineering professionals with a breadth of expertise ranging from robotics, artificial intelligence, operations, imaging, and plant growth with a single focus on translating new science and technology into a cutting-edge tools for precision cannabis crop management.”    

Tom Michaels, PhD

Professor, University of Minnesota

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS)

Compatible with any bench or multi tier rack.

Cultivate more cannabis with less time and effort.


Our Process is Simple

After you’ve registered, our customer care team will contact you within 5 business days to schedule your intake meeting. During this hour-long meeting, we will review your facility specifics, cultivation goals, and answer any questions you may have about Budscout. If necessary, our customer care team will visit your facility at no extra cost to ensure Budscout is right for you.

Following your intake meeting, our installation team will visit your facility and install your Budscout. On the date of install, our customer care team will provide comprehensive software and hardware training to ensure you and your team are getting the most out of Budscout.

As our way of saying thanks to you, during your 6-month pilot period you will only be charged at founders pricing of $6 per linear foot of canopy under care. Want more scouts? Great! Founders will be first in line to expand their scouting capabilities with additional units at founder’s pricing.

Upon conclusion of your 6-month pilot period, you will have the option to purchase additional scouts at standard pricing based on the number of scouts deployed in your facility. Not for you? No worries. Our customer care team will collect your scout and rail at no cost to you.

Put Your Data To Work

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